Outsourced Product Development

With a growing need for highly tailored and cutting-edge logistics solutions, it has become more difficult for Transportation & Logistics ISVs to keep up with the demand.

MetroMax Solutions develops custom solutions with highly specialized product support, utilizing our experience in this industry and designing a TMS and compliance system in-house.

Our Product Development Services:

Benefits of our Product Development And Support Services

Our solutions encompass a broad spectrum of services with enhanced development capabilities.

Complete Product Development:

MetroMax offers custom solutions that drive revenue with unmatched methodology. We design, develop and deploy production-grade software tailored to your business needs – all under one roof!

Our product development process ensures that your product is on track.

Here is our four stage process for product development:

  • Ideation and Design
  • Development and Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Product Migration:

With our seamless product migration across multiple platforms, you can rest assured that all of your solutions will be maintained with their original features intact – no matter what platform they were originally developed for or how many different ones there are!

Why Choose Us?

● Our knowledge experts follow strict and efficient protocols to ensure that the product hits the market as planned during the development phase.

● While optimizing the costs associated with the development and building of the product to scale, our solutions maximize your return on investment.

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